Abbie's Kitchen  (928) 634-3300

Restaurant Open Wed thru Sat at 5pm 

Catering By Appointment

               Old Town Cottonwood is becoming the new Napa Valley where our fine foods complement fine wines.  We serve high-end comfort foods in a small, 1920's home that has been renovated with intimate dining rooms and a commercial kitchen, which is also the hub of our full-service catering business.  We prepare comfort foods  people usually don't think of or take the time to prepare for themselves.  Our pastas, dressings, sauces and desserts are house-made, including the crackers for our delicious soups.  We always have vegetarian and vegan options and we are knowledgeable about special diets.  

               Our house is a dining venue in itself and is available for luncheons and evening events.  Walk-ins are always welcome, however, reservations are suggested to be sure we have a table available for you.


        Dinner is served Wednesday through Saturday 
                                  beginning at 5:00pm.  

                    We are located at 778 North Main Street 
                           in Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona.

                  Call (928) 634-3300 
              for dinner reservations or custom catering needs.






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